Mouth Guards


Mouthguards should be used by everyone both children and adults who play a contact sports such as; football, soccer, hockey, boxing, basketball and even polo and polocrosse.

Our mouthguards are custom made to your mouth and needs. With a quick call ahead of time we can have it made for you in the same day as your moulds!

For young children in contact sports with non-contact rules, a single layer mouthguard may be best, where as a teenager playing full contact sports may require a triple layer mouthguard for complete protection.

Did you know an implant to replace a tooth can cost around $5000? A custom-made mouthguard can prevent dental trauma for between $120 and $150. And if you have dental extras on your private health insurance this is often mostly covered.

February is the busiest time of year for mouth guards so book in early to ensure you have yours ready for the first game!