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General Dental


We spend time with you to ensure we look into any issues with your teeth and investigate parts of your lifestyle and habits that might contribute.

After a full examination Dr Olivia with give you personalised treatment options and a comprehensive quote, so you leave knowing exactly what the plan is to put you on your way to a happy, healthy smile for life!



Our preventive treatments are gentle and focus on identifying at risk areas in the future. Removing plaque build up, providing fluoride treatments, sealing grooves at risk of developing into holes and personalized home care tips all ensure you get the thumbs up every 6 months!


Over time soft plaque builds up in hard to reach areas on your teeth and hardens to become calculus (or tartar). Dr Olivia is careful in removing this build up as it can lead to issues with the gums and bone surrounding the tooth. Get smooth, shiny feeling teeth after our detailed clean every 6 months!

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