Emergency Treatment

At Goondiwindi Family Dental we understand a sore tooth can make eating and drinking frustrating or even hard to concentrate at work. This is why we make sure we keep emergency appointments available for people with a dental emergency so we can see you on the day you call.  Please contact us before 9:00am Monday to Friday or book online to arrange an appointment. We will help to get you pain free as soon as possible. Even if it starts to feel better make sure you come in to get it checked in case the pain comes back.

Dental trauma must be examined and treated immediately (e.g. a tooth knocked out playing sport), please contact us and we will see you on the day.

If your entire tooth has come out please find it, pick it up by the crown (white bulky end), not the root, rinse it under running water to remove any dirt or debris and try and reposition it where it came from.   If this is not possible, store the tooth in milk or salty water. Do not store in plain water.  Seek emergency medical treatment immediately, especially if you feel concussed.

For after hours emergencies please call the surgery on 07 4519 3500 and follow the prompts to be redirected to our after hours mobile.